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"This fixed my over the top swing and improved my ball contact. I have learned to hold my wrist angles for better compression. Wow! Great product. I would recommend this to someone who is interested in striking the ball with a better club path and more precise impact position. Besides a launch monitor, The Persicion Impact trainer is the best training aid you can get."

David Rice

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"This was just what I needed. Cured my flying elbow and is getting me into a really good position at the top of my swing. The driver swing is still a work in progress but the irons are dialed in. 4 birdies in the 1st round played after practicing with it."

Bob Bartman

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"Even in the short amount of time I've been using the Precision Impact, I am already starting to see results in my short game and my long irons.  It's allowing to get my arms in position as I come through the ball and it's allowing me to improve my consistency and my accuracy."

Bill M.

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30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Pure Swing Products, the makers of the Precision Impact, back your purchase with a 30-Day Return Policy and Satisfaction Guarantee, which you can read about here.

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