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"Great product!!!! This device is great for see how much swing is not on plane. The more I practiced with the check point the better my swing has become. If you really want to improve your ball striking, this is the perfect training aid."

Lester S. (verified buyer)

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"After I read the directions, attached the Check Point Swing Laser, and rolled out the stripe, I took 10 slow swings, and I instantly realized how poor my old swing was. The lasers showed me the proper line in the takeaway and the downswing. The CheckPoint Swing Laser also helped me with the proper hip turn, shoulder turn, handset, and weight shifts to improve my swing. This device provides instant feedback in order to swing correctly. Well worth the price!"

Steven B. (verified buyer)

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"If you struggle with taking the club inside too quickly, coming over the top or any other swing path issues, the swing laser immediately shows you the proper hand path for keeping the club on plane and square. Seeing the laser light track along the path provides instantaneous feedback. I wish I had purchased this device a long time ago! Great product and great customer service - I highly recommend both!"

Kirven B. (verified buyer)

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60-Day Improvement Guarantee & 1 Year Limited Warranty

The makers of the CheckPoint Swing Laser back your purchase with an unbeatable satisfaction guarantee, which you can read about here.

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