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20 Minute Shallowing Fix

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Shallow the club on every swing, eliminate your slice, and hit the most solid shots of your life with the 20 Minute Shallowing Fix course

Here's what you get:

Lifetime access to the 20 Minute Shallowing Fix videos and audio sessions.

Perfect Practice Plan Workbook

BONUS #1: How to Dominate With a Draw

BONUS #2: The Shallowing Sessions

365-Day Money-Back Guarantee

"I got instant results... hitting the ball much further, much straighter, with the ability to draw if I want to. It's really incredible."


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"I have practiced this new drill on the range and I have to say I hit the ball better yesterday than I ever have in the last 40 years."


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"I can draw the ball no problem now, and I am longer. For a 79 year old, that means a lot. To hit the ball 250 yards is a huge advantage over guys my age."


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365-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Trusted By 116,000 Golfers Around The World

If you implement the instruction you receive and don’t improve your game, simply contact us within 365 days of your purchase date to request a refund, and we’ll refund 100% of your money. It’s as simple as that. You can relax and enjoy our products completely risk-free, which lets you focus on your golf game instead.

Trusted By 116,000 Golfers Worldwide.
You're Protected By Our 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

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One Time Special Offer

1,400 Golfers Used This Weird Secret to Gain 40+ Yards


Once you fix your contact, eliminate your slice, and dial in your consistency with my 20 Minute Shallowing Fix — and you’re automatically swinging from the inside — you’ll be ready to add distance to your drives.

Because the statistics don’t lie: the fastest way to shoot lower scores and have a LOT more fun playing this game is to get longer off the tee.

That’s why I performed one of the boldest experiments in the history of golf — where I took thousands of golfers and taught them my greatest distance secret, which can be learned in a bucket of practice balls.

The 20-Minute Shallowing Fix will get you dropping into the slot and making the purest contact of your life. This exclusive new training will show you EXACTLY how to add swing speed and distance, so you can easily gain 20... 30... or even 40+ yards of laser-accurate distance. (2141 golfers in our test group, many who were over 65, added over 40 yards.) You can do the same... the second you access my training, 

Get Instant Access

For 81% Off

The normal price for my 20 Minute Distance Fix  program is $149. And that’s a steal considering that many golfers spend THOUSANDS on lessons, academies and gear to gain distance — and yet never get lasting results. Still, you won’t pay $149 — because I’m giving you access to my entire program here today for 

The 20 Minute Distance Fix is the perfect complement to the 20-Minute ShallowingFix to add 40+ guaranteed yards to your drives.

In the unlikely event you’re not crushing longer, straighter drives off the tee and taking money from your buddies... if you somehow don’t feel a surge of confidence every time you step up to the tee... then you’ll get every penny of your $29 back.

Check the box below to take full advantage of your shallower swing by adding massive speed, so you can become the longest player in your group. (This is a one-time offer and you won’t find this price or discount available anywhere else. If you decline it and change your mind, you can expect to pay full price later on.)

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